P.O. Box 292068
Tampa, Florida 33687-2068

May 19, 2006

Dear Certified TEAM Trainers,

This letter is to bring you what I hope will be received as good news about the continued availability of the Techniques for Effective Aggression Management TEAM program. As the primary author of the TEAM program, I have been given permission to continue to offer TEAM as an off campus, private business. More information about that is at the end of this letter.

As you will recall, earlier this year, you received a letter from me asking for information about the potential impact on your agency if the TEAM program was no longer offered by the Florida Mental Health Institute here at the University of South Florida. Your responses were overwhelmingly positive in requesting that the program be continued and expressing how important the program has been to your agency, your staff and the people you serve. You then received a letter indicating that the FMHI had made the decision to stop offering the program due to financial reasons. We recognized the importance and value of the TEAM program as a safe, proven system of interventions and philosophy that ensures safety of staff and people receiving services throughout a number of systems in Florida.

The TEAM program has been one of the most successful clinical training programs ever offered by FMHI since my colleagues and I published the first TEAM manual in 1988. Using the train the trainer model, we estimate the impact of TEAM has been well over 350,000 staff members at mental health agencies, educational systems, juvenile justice programs, developmental disability services, child welfare and protective services systems, hospitals and other human services have been trained in the TEAM Techniques. For those reasons, operating under the name of TEAM Interventions, we will continue to offer the very same TEAM training, TEAM Trainer training and consultation on implementation of aggression replacement models we have provided since 1988. For additional information about availability of TEAM training, contact:

Dr. John C. Ward, Jr.
TEAM Interventions
P.O.Box 292068
Temple Terrace, Florida 33687-2068
Dennis Beane, B.S.
Master TEAM Instructor Trainer

We look forward to continued and long service to you and your agency's needs.



John C. Ward, Jr., Ph.D.